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This is a small interior design bathroom reconstruction project. The existing bathroom was a dysfunctional space in a perfect square layout. There was only a big old bathtub with a very small washbasin. We created space for the best layout by moving the doors from the corner to the central wall section. The interior materials were chosen together with the client. Large Callacatta Oro slabs, black matte lacquered metal, and wonderful oak veneer in flat sawn lumber. The bathroom is quite small, but it is enlarged with a full wall mirror above atypical locksmith's furniture with built-in washbasin. There is no natural light, but we create the imitation of a skylight with a Clipso system. There are also a couple of interesting design details, such as Terence Woodgate solid oak pendant lights, atypical Callacatta Oro flushing button or Treemme taps. 

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